Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Marine Heat Exchangers for shipbuilding and marine applications

The German machine construction company Universal Hydraulik GmbH is one of the world’s leading producer of marine heat exchangers for shipbuilding and marine applications. The marine heat exchangers from Universal Hydraulik GmbH are used for propeller drives, jet drives, transverse thrusters and gearboxes. The company covers the requirements for a lot of marine engineering applications. Marine heat exchangers are also used for compressors, deck machinery, propulsion drives, thrusters, gear boxes, stabilisers, etc.
In addition to marine heat exchangers the range of product includes heat exchangers and oil pre-heaters for various industrial applications. Hydraulic systems (aggregates) are also available. In more than 20 countries the company has a worldwide sales and service network. The quality of the marine heat exchangers is the top priority. This is appreciated by the customers all over the world.

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