Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Soldered or screwed plate heat exchanger from Universal Hydraulik GmbH

A plate heat exchanger can be an economically priced alternative to smooth pipe heat exchangers. The plate heat exchanger from the German machine construction company Universal Hydraulik GmbH is soldered or screwed and has a compact design.
A soldered plate heat exchanger consists of stamped special steel plates which are combined by a special soldering process. The plates enable an excellent transfer of the heat because of their special structure. The space saving screwed plate heat exchanger admit capacity adjustment by adding or removing plates afterwards. Furthermore a plate heat exchanger is easy to clean and low-maintenance.
The product range includes in addition to the plate heat exchanger, shell & tube heat exchanger, oil-air heat exchangers and oil pre-heaters. Hydraulic systems (aggregates) are also available.
For more than 25 years the Universal Hydraulik GmbH constructs cooling systems, hydraulic systems an heat exchangers (shell & tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger). The product quality is the highest priority.

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